Our Cleaning Process


As soon as we walk in the door to your vacation rental we will assess the condition and make sure that your guests left it in good order and followed your checkout instructions. If anything seems out of place, stained, or damaged, we will send you pictures right away.


It’s time to get to work! Our first priority is getting the laundry started as we always accomplish as much laundry as possible during the clean. Next, we focus on the kitchen. We check for cupboard organization and for crumbs in the main silverware and utensil drawers, unload the dishwasher, clean the fridge inside and out, and wipe down the countertops. After making things sparkle with stainless steel cleaner, we will move on to the bathrooms. Here we use a green, sanitizing cleaning solution of vinegar, water, and therapeutic grade lemon oil. We wipe down all surfaces, even the hard to reach places, and make faucets shine. Once the laundry is finished, we will decorate the bathroom with some tasteful towel folds. It’s probably about time to start another load of laundry before moving on to wiping down all common area surfaces and the outdoor tables! Here we will use Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaner as our general, all-purpose cleaner. Now it’s time for vacuuming and mopping all the floors. We use a spray mop so as not to get your floors overly wet, which could lead to damage!


A personal pet peeve of ours is when beds don’t look divine. We will make sure the bottom sheet is lined up in the corners and taught, while we check for any clean but unsightly hairs. Next, we will place the top sheet pattern side down and make sure it’s even on both sides. If you have a middle blanket we will fold a healthy amount of sheet over that blanket before tucking it in firmly and making sharp hotel folds at the bottom corners of the beds. We will pull up the quilt or duvet to the top and then fold it back slightly, so you can just see the top of the sheet fold. We love when our hosts provide throw blankets and pillows for us to arrange in a tastefully messy fashion that will make your guests feel like they just walked in to a magazine or boutique hotel.

Finishing Up

Now it’s time for the final touches. We will check your provided supply list to make sure that all of the appropriate supplies and goodies have been left out for your guests. We will take a “big picture” look and focus on staging and make final touches. If any laundry is left over, we will leave that on-site in a designated area or offer our off-site laundry services. We will check that all exterior doors and owner closets are securely locked. Now we will walk back into the rental as if it is the first time and do a final inspection. We will take 5-15 photographs of your clean and text them to the number on file, we recommend you keep these on file for 6-12 months as they can be very helpful in the unfortunate event of a chargeback.

What’s included in our standard clean?

Extra Services and Deep Cleaning

What should you ask your guests to do?

Please bag all garbage, including garbage from bathrooms and around the house. All garbage must be placed in the appropriate outdoor bin.

Please pile all dirty towels by the washing machine or in the bathtub. Please do not strip the beds as the cleaners will inspect for stains and treat them prior to washing. Do not take quilts, blankets, or pillow shams from the beds or mix them with dirty laundry. If you stained a quilt or blanket during your stay please wash, dry, and return it to the proper place in the home.

Please wash and put away all dishes. The cleaners will happily put away a small final load of dishes.

Please return all furniture to its original positions including outdoor furniture; inventory is done by room so returning quilts and furnishings to their proper places is the best way to avoid being charged for a missing item.

We kindly request consciousness of both the environment and our energy bill. When you leave, please turn the AC to 78 during the summer months and 60 during the winter months. Be sure to adjust ALL thermostats.

Please securely lock all doors and windows, return the key to the lockbox (if any), and scramble the code. 

All guests must check-out no later than 11:00 AM.  For properties that sleep over 8 adults, check out time must be 10:00 AM. 

All Done!

Thank you for taking the time to have your guests help us with this list. Please note that if guests fail to comply with all of the items on this list, it can result in additional charges from our cleaning staff.